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CDG Editor 1.5

Clear open-source utility to edit subtitles and images in CDG karaoke files
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CDG Editor is an open-source utility that allows you to modify and enhance the subtitles in your karaoke CDG files in a simple yet efficient way. The program will show you all the commands and tile blocks present in the graphics section of the CDG file and will allow you to correct various synchronization, layout, and color inconsistencies.

Tile blocks can be easily edited, which will allow you to change the color of a certain block or of any of the 72 cells into which each block is divided. This will also allow you to create new graphic content, as you can draw basic geometrical figures by manually “painting” certain blocks or cells with the right color. This may be useful when correcting spelling mistakes – if you ever need to change one letter into the correct one, this utility (and a great deal of patience) will allow you to do so by changing the right tile blocks into the right colors.

By inserting specific time gaps, you can also correct minor synchronization mistakes between the soundtrack and the lyrics. You can either change the “chunk count” or add a “time span” in seconds – whatever method you use, it will affect to all the instructions in the file counting from the last instruction selected, so use it wisely.

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  • It allows you to edit tile blocks
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